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Scarecrow/Harvest Stroll

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2022 Registration Forms are now ready for this years Scarecrow/Harvest Stroll Contest.
Get creative and begin planning now. All the details are listed on the registratoin form.

2022 Registration Form


2021 Entries:
image Another Mans Treasure    Harts  Cornell  Envy
Another Man's Treasure            Hart's Jewelry                        Cornell & Associates              Envy of Plainwell
Best in Show                             People's Choice
Girls Scouts   Jaqua  Library   Perfect Image
  Girl Scouts Troop 80184       Jaqua Realtors                     Ransom District Library         Perfect Image SalonPassiflora  Plainwell Flowers  Prevalent  Visiting Angels
   Passiflora                               Plainwell Flowers                 Prevalent Salon                   Visiting Angels

2020 Entries:
Jaqua-finished-pic-(2).jpg  Girl-scouts-cropped-(1).PNG    Harts-3-(1).jpg 
Jaqua People's Choice           Girl Scout Troop 80184                Hart's Jewelry
                                                Best in Show

Edward-Scissors-Hand-2.jpg    perfect-image-2-(1).jpg
Pervalent Salon                Perfect Image

2019 Entries:  
Ace-3.jpg  Another-Man-s-Treasure-3.jpg  Bridge-St-Gallery-3.jpg  Girl-Scouts-1.jpg  Home-Depot3.jpgPCC-YES-1.jpg  Prevalent-3.jpg