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Scarecrow/Harvest Stroll

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Our entries over the last few years:

2022 Entries:

Jaqua-Wheels-of-Bones-(2).jpgEnvy-(6).jpg  Another-Man-s-Treasure.jpg   Hart-s-Jewelry-(2).jpg
  Jaqua Realtors                                 Envy of Plainwell                 Another Man's Treasure        Hart's Jewelry
  Peoples Choice Award                     Best in Show                       Headless Horseman              The Honeymoon

1-The-Sugar-Palace.jpg   Barbed-Wire-Cafe.jpg   Girl-Scout-Troop-80184.jpg   Hiemstra-Optical.jpg 
  The Sugar Palace         Barbed Wire Cafe                  Girl Scout Troop 80184         Hiemstra Optical
Library-(1).jpg   Plainwell-Flowers.jpg   Public-Safety-12.jpg   Cut-n-Loose.jpg
  Ransom Library                     Plainwell Floewers                Public Safety                           Cut'n Loose

2021 Entries:
image Another Mans Treasure    Harts  Cornell  Envy-of-Plainwell.jpg
Another Man's Treasure            Hart's Jewelry - Just Married Cornell & Associates          Envy of Plainwell
Best in Show                             People's Choice
Girls Scouts   Jaqua-1.jpgLibrary    Perfect Image
  Girl Scouts Troop 80184       Jaqua Realtors                     Ransom District Library         Perfect Image SalonPassiflora  Plainwell Flowers  Prevalent  Visiting Angels
   Passiflora                               Plainwell Flowers                 Prevalent Salon                   Visiting Angels

2020 Entries:
Jaqua-finished-pic-(2).jpg  Girl-scouts-cropped-(1).PNG    Harts-3-(1).jpg 
Jaqua People's Choice           Girl Scout Troop 80184                Hart's Jewelry - The Wedding
                                                Best in Show

Edward-Scissors-Hand-2.jpg    perfect-image-2-(1).jpg
Pervalent Salon                Perfect Image

2019 Entries:  
   Jaqua                             Cut'n Loose                   Home Depot                       Hart's - The Proposal

Ace-3.jpg  Another-Man-s-Treasure-3.jpg  Bridge-St-Gallery-3.jpg  Girl-Scouts-1.jpg
  Ace Hardware                                       Another Man's Treasure          Bridge Street Gallery            Girl Scout Troop 80184
Home-Depot3.jpgPCC-YES-1.jpg  Prevalent-3.jpg
  Home Depot                         Plainwell Education              Prevalent Boutique