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Plainwell Arts Council/Public Art

Welcome to the Plainwell’s Public Art Page! Plainwell Arts Council  helped integrate Plainwell’s Public Art Procurement Program which showcases public art on an annual basis, integrating art with economic development by enhancing Plainwell’s “sense of place” while meeting the following goals:

  • Commission public art for permanent placement in Plainwell and its environs.
  • Inventory current public art and add commission pieces to the list to develop an “art trail” for residents and visitors.
  • Leverage human capital and cultural resources to generate economic vitality through tourism and cultural attractions.
  • Expand public experience with public art; increase awareness and participation in public art.
  • Integrate artworks and the ideas of artists into a variety of public settings with the objective of contributing to the City’s sense of identity.
  • Develop a sense of history and community identity through public art.
  • Enhance urban design objectives with public art.

The Public Art Procurement Program

Complements the Plainwell Arts Council’s mission, “Art for All,” and sees the  benefits to the community, especially if with time, a critical mass of public art can be inventoried to develop an eventual art trail throughout the City. In its inaugural year, the pilot project of the PAPP in 2012 was the “Renaissance Race” sculpture that is placed at the entrance plaza of City Hall, in Fannie Pell Park, in the central business district. The second piece, “Iron Archer,” was installed in Plainwell’s downtown plaza, and dedicated May 30, 2013. It is anticipated that these will be the first in a series of public art projects; a mechanism to support a city-wide public art policy.

January 29, 2020 - RFP
Request for Proposal for the Mayor Brooks Memorial Project.

Iron Archer Sculpture

Iron Archer Sculpture


Plainwell Mural by Conrad Kaufman

Plainwell Mural


Renaissance Race Sculpture