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City Administration

City Administration
211 N. Main Street
Plainwell, MI 49080
Phone: 269-685-6821
Fax: 269-685-7282

Erik J. Wilson

City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City as outlined by the City Charter. Reporting directly to the City Council, it is the City Manager’s responsibility to oversee the City’s long-term development plans as well as prepare and administer the City budget.

Brian Kelley

City Treasurer

The City Treasurer directs the financial accounting, reporting and investment functions of the City. Assists in the preparation and maintenance of the annual budget and financial statements.  The Treasurer also oversees tax and utility billing, collection and related reporting.

Maggie Fenger

City Clerk

The City Clerk serves as Secretary to the City Council, plans and oversees voter registration and elections, maintains City records, documents and ordinances, administers oaths and serves as official custodian of the City Seal. Acts as recording secretary, responsible for maintenance of Clerk’s record retention system, as well as assisting with the issuance of various municipal licenses.

Amanda Kersten

Personnel Coordinator

The Personnel Manager administers a variety of human resource functions throughout all City departments. Administers and maintains all benefits and payroll. Acts as liaison between providers and employees and assistes in resolving inquiries or problems. Maintains all personnel files. Assist the City Manager in policies, personnel and labor issues and assistants with budgeting wage and benefits. Confidential advisor to City Manager, department heads and employees

Denise Siegel

Community Development Manager

This position plans, directs and coordinates the full range of community development activities, including planning, building, zoning administration, code enforcement, economic development within the City. Works with boards and commissions such as the DDA BRA TIFA board, Planning Commission and other stakeholder groups, to coordinate goals and objectives for the betterment of the City including retention, recruitment, fund development, and marketing activities.

Julie Saukas

Utility Billing/Deputy City Clerk

This position provides clerical assistance in support of the daily activities of the administrative offices. Prepares and sends monthly water/sewer bills, maintains and creates all utility accounts, prepares other City invoices, processes payments, and assists with accounts payable invoices. Provides support to the Clerk with election duties.  Serves as a support to the Community Development Manager in the gathering of information and processing of permits. Schedules park reservations and coordinates the creation of the City calendar each year. When calling or visiting City Hall, Julie is one of the first who may be greeting you.

Roxanne Branch

Accounts Payable/Finance Clerk

This position provides administrative, bookkeeping and clerical assistance in support of the daily activities of the administrative offices. Inputs and processes all accounts payable and assists with utility and property tax accounts. When calling or visiting City Hall, Roxanne is one of the first who may be greeting you.