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Yard Waste

Yard WasteBurning of yard waste is prohibited within the City. It is a violation of City Ordinances to place yard waste in the city right-of-way prior to or after the periods noted below.

Other than during the yearly advertised loose leaf collection period, leaves and other yard debris (except brush) must be bagged and placed on the public right-of-way according to the following rules. Yard waste bags must:

  • Be approved kraft-paper composting bags.
  • Contain only grass, leaves or other foliage.
  • Not weigh more than 50 pounds each.
  • Be placed on the public right-of-way between the property line and the street; not on private property and not on the pavement.
  • Contain no roots, stumps, dirt, stones, garbage, metal, broken concrete, lumber or other building material.
  • Be set out on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday preceding the first Monday of the month.
  • Be placed separate from brush.


City crews pick up bagged yard waste and brush on all city streets beginning on the first Monday of every month. If the first Monday is a holiday, pick up starts on Tuesday. Brush and bags combined may not exceed the amount that can be loaded on a one-ton dump truck per property per month.

Brush must:

  • Be at least 2’ long but not longer than 10’.
  • Be less than 4″ diameter.
  • Be stacked in one direction only.
  • Not include loose leaves, twigs, etc. These materials must be placed in approved kraft paper composting bags.
  • Not include trash, vines, nails, building materials, plants, dirt, stumps or roots.
  • Not be tied with string, twine, wire or other material.
  • Be set out on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday preceding the first Monday of the month.
  • Be placed separate from bagged yard waste


Loose Leaf Pick-Up

The Plainwell Department of Public Works (DPW) collects leaves from all City streets each fall. Scheduled collection dates are  advertised in the Union Enterprise,Shoppers Guide and on the website calendar in October and noted on postcards and/or on water bills sent prior to the rake-out period. Yearly collection dates vary to facilitate placing Holiday decorations and preparing for the City Christmas tree lighting which takes place on the first Friday in December. Residents, except those living on M-89, can rake leaves into the street adjacent to the curb only during the designated collection period. The City will not remove leaves from the curb lawn. Streets will be swept after collection is complete.

Residents living on M-89 are required to bag their leaves and place on the curb, not on the street. Questions? Call Public Works at 269‑685‑9363.