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Planning & Zoning


The first step is to complete a Zoning Permit  and return it to the Community Development Manager, Denise Siegel via email  or dropped off at City Hall. 

Please refer to our:
Guide to Development for questions, flow charts, timelines and contacts.
Economic Development Strategy, which supports and embraces policies and practices to improve the overall economic welfare of the city.

Master Plan 2016-2021

  •     Fence Permit
  •     New Building Construction
  •     Existing Building Addition/Alteration
  •     Address Ordinance Questions
  •     Building Demolition
  •     Moving a Building
  •     Signs

Criteria for Submitting a Site Plan

  1. Determine zoning of property: Download zoning map.
  2. Review ordinance district regulations. Download zoning district files C1C2 I, R1C, R2, CBD, R1A & B, Subdivision.
  3. Planning and Zoning Fees
  4. Create site plan: Download Site Plan Review requirements
  5. Submit a Zoning Permit application to City: Download Permit
  6. Schedule meeting with city staff for preliminary review
  7. Submit site plan to Community Development Manager for Departmental review and submission to the Planning Commission.
  8. Site Plan goes to City Council with recommendation from Planning Commission: View commission meeting minutes.
  9. E-mail any questions to