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Election Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question that's not on the list? Call us at 269-685-6821 or email us.

Where do I go to vote on Election Day?

All registered voters in the City of Plainwell jurisdiction vote at City Hall, in the Council Chambers. City Hall is located at 211 N Main St, and the Council Chambers are located on the first floor, to the righthand side when you enter the building.

Please Note: Having a Plainwell address doesn't guarantee that you're a City of Plainwell voter. Check your voter registration at the Michigan Voter Information Center to be sure.


Do I need to have my voter registration card in order to vote?

No, your voter registration card is for your informational purposes only. Your voter registration card tells you where to vote. You are not required to present it in order to vote.

Can I register to vote on Election Day?

Yes, you can register to vote all the way up to 8pm on Election Day. However, in order to register and vote on Election Day, you must come in person to the City Clerk's Office. You must bring proof of residency in order to register and vote on Election Day. Proof of Residency can include items such as utility bills, bank statements, a Michigan Driver's License or ID, and other government documents. If you wish to register and vote on Election Day and have further questions, please call the Clerk's Office at 269-685-6821 for further assistance.

Please Note: Voters are encouraged to register early to avoid delays in the voting process on Election Day.

How do I know what my ballot will look like?

You may view sample ballots online at the Michigan Voter Information Center. Sample ballots are only available for the jurisdictions participating in the current election, so if the City of Plainwell doesn't have an election, there will not be an option to view sample ballots for the City of Plainwell.

Can an absentee ballot be sent to a post office box?

We can mail your absentee ballot to your post office box if the post office box is where you would normally receive your personal mail, and you do not receive mail at your registration address. Your registration address is still necessary to complete the application

What is the deadline for requesting an absentee ballot?

Absentee ballots can be received by a voter in person any time up to 4:00p.m. on the day prior to the election. A voter who visits the clerk's office on the day prior to the election to obtain an absentee ballot must vote the ballot in the office; the voter is not permitted to leave the office with the ballot.

What if I have an emergency and need to request an absentee ballot?

You may make an "emergency" request for an absentee ballot if you cannot attend the polls because of:

  • personal injury or illness
  • a family death or illness that requires you to leave your community for the entire time the polls are open on election day

The emergency must have occurred after 5:00 pm on Friday prior to the election.  If you are requesting an emergency absentee ballot, you may have someone deliver your written request for the ballot to your city or township clerk's office before 4 p.m. on election day.


Emergency ballots must be returned to the clerk's office by 8 p.m. on election day.


Can I drop off my voted absentee ballot at my voting precinct?


I’m a military and/or overseas resident, I’ve requested a ballot but am afraid there won’t be time to receive it, vote it and have it back by Election Day. What can I do?

You should contact your commanding officer or US Consulate and vote a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB). This form allows the voter to write the candidate of his or her choice for any office or ballot initiative they would see on the official ballot. A military or overseas voter using the FWAB may write in votes for any federal, state or local office, or proposal on the ballot.