Plainwell Retail Acceleration Grant

The Plainwell Downtown Development Authority recently approved a recruitment strategy to help attract new retail concepts to the downtown area where space is available in the Downtown Development Authority area. For entrepreneurs that are considering opening a business, expanding or relocating, this program, Plainwell's Retail Acceleration Grant Competition, may be attractive to qualified applicants meeting the program requirements. Specific locations included in this program include ten buildings within the DDA district, all of which are highly visible storefronts ranging in size from 400 square feet to 23,000 square feet. Desired uses include health food, hobby, toy, clothing, music stores, galleries, or bakeries. The program entails granting four applicants with a one-time incentive grant of $1,250 to be used toward real estate acquisition or rent. Successful applicants are to attend small business trainings from the Small Business Development Technology Center, provide a sound business plan along with the completed application, and agree to be mentored by a current business representative located in the City of Plainwell. For those with questions or who wish to apply, please contact Plainwell Economic Development Manager, Emilie Schada, at Applications are available upon request or can be downloaded below.

Plainwell Retail Acceleration Grant Competition Application