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Bulk Trash Pick-Up

Republic Services is contracted by the City to offer a spring (May) and fall (October) curbside bulk trash pick up.  Watch the Union Enterprise and Shoppers Guide for dates.  For specific questions, call Republic Services at 888-249-5112.

Republic Services Curbside Cleanup

Residents are asked to place items out for pick up at curbside after 3:00pm Friday and by dawn on Monday morning. Our drivers will be out starting at 6:00am. Republic Services will not return to a section once they have completed the route; Streets are done only ONE time. Please have your items out before 6:00am Monday to ensure pickup.

Loose household items must be placed curbside in bags (not recyclable cardboard boxes). If you have additional concerns or questions, please call our office at .

The following acceptable items may be placed curbside for pickup

  • Household furniture: Sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, box spring/mattresses (wrapped and sealed in plastic) Note: Metal furniture is recycled at the recycling center
  • Toys
  • Carpets: Limited to one room or 10 rolls (3 X 5) or 50 pounds in weight per clean up collection
  • Appliances such as stoves, refrigerators (door removed and freon removed, and unit also marked that Freon has been removed)
  • Home fixtures and other items that are not considered hazzardous
  • Latex paint - paint must be dried in containers (use sawdust or kitty litter)
  • Small amount of building materials such as doors (limit 2), and fencing - material needs to be cut down to fit into the truck and be lifted by 1 person.
  • Small car parts
  • Manageable bundles, bags, boxes, and containers. Contractors are not allowed to unload vehicles or trailers.

The following items may NOT be placed curbside

  • Windows or glass 
  • Large plastic drums
  • Concrete
  • Large pieces of metal
  • Yard Waste
  • Liquid waste or hazardous waste
  • Tires (may be acceptable if cut up into flat pieces) and tires on rims
  • Non-latex paints and varnishes
  • Regulated medical waste
  • Motor oil, batteries and solvents
  • Large car parts such as engine blocks,bodies, oversized hoods and doors.
  • Building demolition material - while certain amounts of construction debris is acceptable, large cloumes such as garages or house demolition debris that would normally require a construction style dumpster cannot be taken.

Arrangements for more frequent pick-up can be made directly with your own disposal company.  Also available are drop off sites at the 3432 Gembrit Circle Transfer Station, 269-216-8000 or 100th Street Landfill, Byron Center 616-877-4092.