Water and Sewer


How does the Water/ Sewer billing work?

The City bills monthly for these utilities, however, actual water meter reads are taken in March, June, September and December. Bills are estimated for the months in between. If you prefer to read your own meter on the ‘in-between’ months for an ‘actual read’ billing, contact City Hall at 685-6821.

Water/Sewer Rates

Who should I call if my sewer isn’t working properly?

If your drains are sluggish or plugged, call public works before calling a plumbing professional. We’ll check the sewer main. If it’s blocked, we’ll clear it at no cost to you (unless you are a business and the block is caused by improper grease disposal). If the problem is in your plumbing, we’ll let you know and then you can call someone to clear your line. If possible, please call between 7 AM and 3 PM.

After 3:30 PM or on weekends or holidays, call public safety and they will let public works know that you have a problem.


Read the 2015 Water Quality Report



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