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Recycle PaperboardAccepted: Flatten.  No plastic-coated paperboard that held liquid (milk cartons).  Remove from plastic bags.
Not Accepted: Milk or juice cartons, paper plates.

Newspapers & Phone Books

Recycle Newspaper PhonebookAccepted: Remove plastic strapping, rubber bands, and plastic bags.
Not Accepted: Plastic bags or rubber bands.




Recycle CardboardAccepted: Flatten boxes,  remove large staples and plastic wrap.  Tape and labels are okay.  Must be clean, do not bundle or tie together.
Not Accepted: Boxes with glued in form or plastic packaging, boxes with heavy staples, and boxes with metal or plastic strapping.

Glass Bottle and Jars

Recycle GlassAccepted: Clear & colored food or beverage glass.  Wash clean, remove lids & recycle (if metal), labels are OK.
Not Accepted: Dishes, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors, window panes, auto glass, other non-food or non-beverage glass.

Magazines and Catalogs

Recycle Magazine and CatalogsAccepted: Remove from plastic bags.
Not Accepted: Bound books, magazines wrapped in plastic bags.

Type 2 & 4 Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic Shopping BagsAccepted: Must be empty, clean, and dry.  Must be stamped 2 or 4.  This is the only type of bag we are able to recycle.
Not Accepted: Do not include any other type of bag that is not stamped with a 2 or 4.

Mail and Office Paper

Mail and Office PaperAccepted: Put shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.  Staples are okay.  Plastic windows in envelopes are okay.
Not Accepted: Pet food bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper, tissue or napkins, paper towels, waxed paper, food-coated or wet paper.

Type 1 through 7 Plastics

PlasticsAccepted: Must be stamped 1 through 7, located on or near the bottom of the plastic item.  No Styrofoam!  Wash clean, labels are okay.  Throw away caps or lids.
Not Accepted: Bottles containing auto fluids or hazardous materials.  Styrofoam or any type of foam (cups, plates, packing peanuts, packing materials, insulation).  Plastic film and other non-rigid plastic (no garbage bags, zip bags, dry cleaner bags, etc.)  No bulky plastics: pools, pool covers, toys, piping, sheets of plastic.

Metal Cans and Foil

AluminumAccepted: Wash clean.  Labels are okay.  Aerosol cans must be empty – trow away cap and nozzle.
Not Accepted: Bakeware, utensils, pots and pans.  Hangers, car parts, scrap metal, fencing. propane cylinders or any other compressed gas cylinder, foil backed paper (gum wrappers, foil wrapping paper), lawn furniture, siding, window/door frames, or any construction material.


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