Planning and Zoning


The first step is to complete a  Zoning Permit  and return it to the Community Development Manager, Denise Siegel via email  or dropped off at City Hall. For questions call (269) 685-6821.

  • Fence Permit
  • New Building Construction
  • Existing Building Addition/Alteration
  • Address Ordinance Questions
  • Building Demolition
  • Moving a Building
  • Signs

Criteria for submitting a Site Plan.

  1. ZoningMapDetermine zoning of property: Download zoning map.
  2. Review ordinance district regulations. Download zoning district files: C-1, C-2, M-1, M-2, R-1C,R-2, CBD, R1A & B, Subdivision.
  3. Create site plan: Download Site Plan Review requirements
  4. Submit a Zoning Permit application to City: Download Permit
  5. Submit site plan to City Clerk for Departmental review and submission to the Planning Commission.
  6. Site Plan goes to City Council with recommendation from Planning Commission: View commission meeting minutes.
  7. E-mail any questions to

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