HyTech Spring and Machine

950 Lincoln Parkway, Plainwell, MI, United States

At HyTech, we design and manufacture springs, wireforms, custom wire products and precision machined parts for a host of industries from medical and aerospace to automotive and national defense. We have added a new CNC wireformer that increases HyTech's maximum material diameter on precision formed wire products to 9.5 mm (.375) in spring temper materials and 13mm (.512) in low-carbon or annealed materials. Additional modules allow us to thread, turn, chamfer, drill-and-tap, and swage in-line without additional secondary processes providing extremely competitive piece prices with minimal tool costs on complex wireform components. We have also completed renovations for our new Controlled Environment Facility (CEF). The CEF contains our new Class 10000 cleanroom in addition to equipment and processes for medical device, aerospace, and electronics contract manufacturing. The new facility will allow HyTech to provide additional support to our partners in the medical device industry.

Hytech May 2009.jpg July 29, 2014
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