Boards & Commissions


Commissions and BoardsThe City of Plainwell strives for all voices to be heard and encourages residents and business owners to continue to be engaged in the democratic process. The City is now accepting applications for appointment to various advisory boards and commissions and if no seats are available at the current time, interested parties’ applications will be kept on file until an opening occurs.

For a list of  current vacancy’s on all boards and commissions. Please complete this short application form, or contact the City Clerk,  Brian Kelley  or call  269-685-6821 for more information.

 Board of Review

Meets 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday in March Public meetings commence on the 2nd Monday in March lasting not less than two (2) days.
3 year terms.

  • Jennifer Loftus
  • Jerome Westergaard
  • Sue Miller
  • Ted Louis

City Planning Commission

The City Planning consists of 7 members appointed to 3-year terms by the City Council. The Planning Commission meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall. The City Hall is located in 211 N. Main Street in downtown Plainwell.


  • Diana Lubic, Chairperson
  • Jim Higgs
  • Lori Steele
  • Gary Sausaman, Vice-Chairperson
  • Chris Slinkman
  • Chris Haas
  • Jay Lawson


Compensation Board

Meets odd numbered years only with first meeting to be commenced prior to April 15th; 4 year term

  • Jay Lawson
  • Karen Koehn
  • Sherry Pallett
  • William Parsons
  • Judy Shumaker
  • Non-Voting Staff:
    Brian Kelley, Recording Secretary

Downtown Development Authority / Brownfield Redevelopment Authority / Tax Increment Financing Authority

The DDA/BRA/TIFA boards meet every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 am in City Hall.

Board Members


Parks & Trees Commission Members

Thur. After 1st council mtg. 5:00 PM; Appointed by Mayor/Approved by Council, Two-year term

  • Marcus Taylor, Chairman
  • Justin Burchett, Vice Chairman
  • Marsha Keeler, Board Member
  • Bunny LaDuke, Board Member
  • Sandy Lamorandier, DPW Designee
  • Matthew Bradley, Board Member
  • Todd Overhuel, Board Member/Council Representative

 Ransom Library Board of Trustees

3rd Tuesday every month 7:00PM; 4 year-terms; Mayoral Appointment/Council Approval for City of Plainwell Trustees

  • Alan Asselmeier, President
  • Tom Klein, Vice President
  • Connie Haan, Secretary
  • Melissa Gelbaugh, Treasurer, City of Plainwell Designee
  • Roger Keeney, City of Plainwell Council Member
  • Lee Klade
  • Pat Vance
  • Bill Parsons, City of Plainwell Designee



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