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Public Notices

Zoning Advisory Subcommitttee Hearing

The subcommittee is holding a hearing on December 31, 2017 at 5:00pm.

Case: BOA-730899, Address: 3624 Sumner Street  Ward: 1, Applicant: John Smith
Article(s): 53(53-56: Off Street Parking- Insufficient Parking. 53(53-9: Dimensional Regulations - Insufficient additional lot area per unit; Excessive F.A.R.; Insufficient side yard.
Purpose: Confirm occupancy as a single family and change occupancy to two family. Add pitched roof with dormers to existing structure.  

Case: BOA-717699, Address: 1826 West Eighth Street  Ward: 13, Applicant: Mary Parker
Article(s): 68(68-08: Rear Yard is Insufficient & Side Yard is Insufficient)
Purpose: Remove deck and add new egress for second floor unit and patio.