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Saw Grant Update 06/17/2019


Dear Plainwell Resident:
In 2017, the City was awarded a $979,020 Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater Grant (SAW) from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  This grant will help provide a comprehensive approach to managing these important community assets. 
Part of these funds will be used to clean and televise all of the City’s storm and sewer lines.  The maintenance of these lines is vital to ensure the system is working properly.  Poorly maintained storm and sewer lines can result in sewer backups, manhole overflow, exposure to raw sewage, standing water on roadways and regulatory fines.
To that end, over the next 12 months you might notice contractors (Clean-Earth) working within your neighborhood completing the task described above.  The City’s engineers, Fleis & Vandenbrink, are supervising the work.
During the cleaning process of the sewer lines, a jet rodder is used to push material through the lines to the manholes for proper disposal of the collected material.  This vacuum effect can affect the water in toilets; basement drains or sinks by sucking the water out or pushing it up.  This is a rare occurrence that could affect approximately 3% of homes.  The cause of this vacuum effect is linked to homes with little or no stack ventilation and/or homes that have vents that are blocked or plugged by bird nests, leaves or ice.
Keeping toilet lids closed, covering the traps and sinks with a towel are things that can help alleviate any issues.  Once the cleaning of your street’s sewer line is done, your section will be complete.  Work still could occur in your neighborhood related to televising the line or storm water maintenance but this will not affect your connection to the system.

If you have any questions regarding this cleaning process, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works at 269-685-9363.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this necessary process.








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